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  • Carolyn Atkins

When Winter Came

Organising our Winter Workshops is such a fun time of year. Having an exceptionally talented filmmaker for a partner is such a wonderful treat, not just because he loves to dabble in photography, but because he always holds me to a standard when we come up with photo ideas for social media, particularly event promotion. Imagine how our creative minds began styling this shoot, sharing our ideas with a cuppa in bed, to the immensely fun day we had bringing it to fruition.

The result is too many incredible photos, and not sharing more of them would not be fair. Hence this blog.

Creating exemplars for workshops is when I take an idea and make what I had stirring in my mind. It helps me to be clear about what I would love to teach crafters to create with me, and I can tease out any problems or make adjustments as needed.

In this instance, I decided to make two different looks. One over the top, colourful piece full of plump rosehips, callicarpa and privet berries, lichen, oak leaves and twigs. Spikey Boston Hawthorn twigs became antlers, and small brown peacock feathers represented ears.

The second crown was much more paired back. A simple circlet of forsythia, feathery phragmites and bunches of bunny tails. They fluttered shyly in the wind and the golden brown tones sat with a sense of familiarity in the landscape.